Warehousing and storage service in Brescia

Managing your products, or those of your customers, in our alarmed and fully compliant warehouses is more convenient and safer. We will take care of customising, according to your needs, the entire order processing cycle: from scaling to product delivery, through to returns and invoicing. A competitive logistics service for companies of any size, designed to make our customers' e-commerce stand out and make it unique.


Warehouse logistics

logistics for E-commerce

In an increasingly demanding and e-commerce-oriented market, the challenge for start-ups is to manage logistics and warehousing. The Internet is the marketplace on which business is done, all kinds of products or services are bought and sold. Start-ups need a good idea, innovation and the ability to market themselves. Once you have got customers, you need to ship goods to them, quickly and safely. In addition to transportation, however, you need an e-commerce warehouse. A space in which to store the goods, - until the order is processed - so that they can proceed with shipment as soon as they have obtained a purchase from the customer.
Logistics for high-performance E-commerce
Ital Log has designed a specially dedicated warehouse management service for online e-commerce, meeting both logistics and budget requirements.

Freight storage for third parties

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